Thornton Reservoir in Leicestershire

I thought I would write a quick post on Thorton Reservoir in Leicestershire as it has quickly become a favourite of mine and the dogs.

Thornton reservoir is simply that… a reservoir with a circular trial surrounding it.

When you arrive you will be met with a great view of the reservoir and the local wild birds will come to greet you. The car park is free but only has around 10 spaces. Once parked up, you can go and meet the ducks. Or continue along the walkway around the reservoir.

It takes around 45 minutes to an hour to walk around the reservoir when you are accompanied with 2 dogs who like mine like to stop several times along the way to discover their surroundings. What I like about Thornton Reservoir is that is it very quiet, you are likely to meet a couple of dog walkers along the way but other than that you are free to explore without distractions. There are plenty of bins along the way so this walk is perfect for dog walkers. There are also plenty of benches dotted along the way so you can have a quick break (my dogs are both elderly and one is nearing her 16th birthday so we have to take plenty of rest breaks) or for a quick picnic, it would be the perfect spot for a sunday walk followed by a picnic with a great view.

Around 5-10 minutes along the way (if you head left out of the car park) there are is a cafe which sells light bites if you fancy a pit shop before continuing on the 2nd half of the walk.

These are the pictures of our last walk:


Further InformationĀ 

  • where: thorton reservoir, reservoir road, thorton, leicestershire, LE67 1AR
  • opening times: march to november is open between 8am till dusk. in november to april open 9am to 4pm
  • Trails: the path is flat and surfaced with compacted gravel. there are plenty of benches along the trail for a quick rest or a picnic. the circular route is 2.5 miles long.


Get more information and pictures @








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